Corporate INTL Global Awards 2016 for Lugger | Bankler Attorneys at Law

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

We are proud and delighted to announce that Lugger | Bankler is the 2016 Editor's Choice Winner of Corporate Intl, for Corporate Restructuring Law Firm of the Year in Austria!

Corporate INTL’s annual awards mark excellence for the world’s leading advisers and financiers in an array of countries and continents. The award shows, that also in the area of Corpoprate Restructuring Lugger | Bankler is one of the leading law firms in Austria with international reputation.The awards commemorate those who have shown excellence in expertise and service.

Corporate Intl, is a professional legal magazine of excellent repute, read by business leaders, investors and advisers globally. The magazine has over 70,000 readers in more than 150 countries (